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A premium online group consulting opportunity for Lower Middle Market business owners and executives.

Every business owner, executive, board member, and trusted advisor knows that psychological dimensions have massive impacts of business success or failure.

These research stats make it utterly clear how crucial Business Psychology (BizPsych) is:


of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to success.


of employees believe they use more than half of their talents at work.


of business underperformance is caused by people issues.

Research Tells Us...

Google's Project Aristotle research found that ALL of the top

5 predictors of team effectiveness are BizPsych dimensions.



The Problem

Most BizPsych “experts” only give lip-service to psychological dimensions:

  • They say they are important but then don't address them...OR
  • They tell you what to do but not how to do it...OR
  • They expand your mindset without upgrading your skillset

Where all of this leaves you: You know that you and your business need to attend psychological dimensions, but you don't know where to look to truly get those addressed.

Well, you have just found it.

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Finally...A Solution

Blue Sky Business Resources Has an Unparalleled Opportunity For You:

    • Tackle 6 of the most important psychological dimensions of business development & success like never before...
    • Through a fun format that isn’t time consuming and doesn’t break the bank!

This is Your Chance to Access the Wisdom of a Unicorn Business Psychologist whose PhD is in both Organizational Development AND Clinical Psychology, and who...

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “Has a Leader’s Architecture, a consultant’s master planning orientation, sees the big picture like a visionary entrepreneur CEO, sees the details & knows how to orchestrate sequencing like a COO, and has a people orientation like a CHRO.”

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “Understands what’s needed in each developmental stage of business development, from napkin concept through exit and beyond.”

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “Is a master catalyst & facilitator whose superpowers include cat herding, creating emotional safety in groups, and translating psychological concepts into practical step-by-step procedures: hard core soft skills.”

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “Is remarkably interdisciplinary as evidenced by the remarkably diverse range of awards he has received in addition to having been named America’s Integrity Expert, having been involved in various capacities with 24 books, and having given multiple hundreds of media interviews including for Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur & NonProfit Performance.”

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “Has mentored and trained CEOs, Execs, and Trusted Advisors in addition to attorneys, accountants, financial services pros, medical & psychological pros, educators, politicians, world leaders, in 8 countries on 3 continents.”

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “Has worked with businesses ranging from family owned to fortune corporations, as well as nonprofits, academic institutions, healthcare & psychological service organizations.”

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “Has sat on for-profit and nonprofit boards.”

Program Details

BizPsych Inner Circle

This program is exclusively for lower middle market business owners, executives, board members, and trusted advisors who serve the lower middle market. 

Each 6-month cohort is limited to 8 participants.

Your cohort will meet monthly for 2 hours, during which you and your fellow members will be mentored by Dr. Gruder on that month's topic. 


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What is the Lower Middle Market? 

Businesses generating an annual revenue in the range of $5 million to $50 million are considered to be in the lower middle market segment of the economy.

How Does Each Session Work?


Your 6 monthly 2-hour WarmSeat sessions will be held the third Wednesday of each month.

You will attend an initial 1-hour Container-Building session to meet your cohort members and create a cone of silence.  This will occur one hour before the first cohort session. 

Prior to the monthly meeting, you will view a video on that month's topic, whenever it's convenient for you.

Based on what comes up for you while you watch the video, you'll select what you want to WarmSeat on when your cohort meets. 

How each WarmSeat session is structured:

  • Each member will have a 20 minute WarmSeat with Dr. Gruder on that month's topic, followed by a debriefing on the benefits the other members borrowed from that WarmSeat.
  • Cohort members will post their ideas and resource recommendations for each WarmSeat in your cohort's private forum.
  • Your cohort's private forum will be a place for everyone to dialogue with and support each other between monthly sessions.
  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “An amazing facilitator who tames a room full of egos and genius into a group of aligned collaborators, as Gunther Gable did with the tigers he managed." ”

    CEO, Social Media Masters

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “As I’ve moved more toward assisting heads of nations, I use Dr. Gruder as my leadership and personal integrity coach to help assure that I deserve their trust.”

    Founder, CEO Space International

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “With brilliant thought leadership like David’s the world will change for the better, and his work will be cited as one of the driving forces.”

    CEO, Authority Redefined

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “David is a light unto the nations through his work.”

    CEO, Auerbach International

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “In Dr. Gruder’s presence you feel a spiritual teacher, not merely a scholar in his field.”

    Entrepreneur of the Year, Latin Style Magazine

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “The best at the intersection of psychology, business and leadership.”

    Founder, DiGo Brands Behavior Change Marketing Agency

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “One of the leaders of the renewed human potential movement, David wows us with his amazing presentations!”

    Director, Center for Frontier Science

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “Leaders need an integrity check-up and Dr. Gruder is just the man to do it.”

    Founder & Chief Spiritual Officer, The Ken Blanchard Companies

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “The place of understanding David gets you to is life altering…”

    CEO, CEO Space International

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “Brings clarity to the complexities of personal development that is not available from any other source. For today’s leaders, and the leaders of tomorrow.”

    Former National Educational Association professional development specialist

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “One of the most forward-thinkers of our time.”

    Psychologist, Trainer, Consultant

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “David’s insights may result in him one day being regarded as the ‘Sigmund Freud' of the 21st century.”

    PhD, Founder, The Soul Medicine Institute

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “One of our modern masters.”

    Founding President, San Diego Holistic Chamber of Commerce

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “Dr. Gruder’s training is for anyone wanting tools to make quantum leaps in their ability to collaborate and perform at a high level.”

    CEO, Infolink-EXP (Mexico, U.S., Spain)

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “We highly recommend Dr. Gruder’s presenting, facilitating & consulting on integrity & culture for just about any company seeking to make integrity, collaboration, and accountability profitable.”

    Senior Partner, Jaburg Wilk

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “David reaches diverse audiences. His personable and disarming style combine with his training design talents and impeccable support materials to create powerful changes in thinking and behavior that result in more satisfying lives and career effectiveness. My colleagues have been delighted to spend personal weekend time in his training programs and they still want him back for more.”

    Former Trainer for the Ken Blanchard Companies; Former Head of Psychology and Spiritual Programs, Sanoviv Medical Institute

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “A true leader among leaders.”

    Founder, Young Eagle Entrepreneurs

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “One of the wisest people I know. I highly recommend every program he gives because each is packed full of practical wisdom that's as useful in everyday life as it is in business.”

    CEO, The Wright Companies; Author of Transcendent Thought & Market Leadership

  • Blue Sky Business Resources

    “David Gruder is simply a business decathlete and sales genius with a PhD in psychology, like a superman in a cape.”

    DDS, Father of WholeHealth Dentistry

BizPsych Topics

Savvy Owners, CEOs and Executives Constantly Level Up Their...


1 Mindset & Wellbeing Habits

Having the mindset and habits that keep you happy, strong, resilient, and on track with your goals, without sacrificing your cherished relationships, including but not at all limited to...

  • Aligning personal purpose and business mission
  • Life balance commitments: work-life balance is the holy grail of self-actualization in all parts of life.
  • Positive mindset: The birthplace of creativity, wonder, and innovation.
  • Stress busting & cognitive capacity: Destroying stress lets you focus on what's important.
  • Readying yourself to sell your business

2 Leadership Evolution

Continually becoming who your business needs you to be for it to keep growing, so you are always one of your company's strongest assets, including but not at all limited to… 

  • Stepping more fully into your power and using it more wisely
  • Identifying your leadership strengths & gaps, which of your gaps are growth edges, and which are recruitment edges
  • Creating a strategically sequenced tactical plan for implementing your growth edges and recruitment edges
  • C-Suite design optimization
  • C-Suite collaboration optimization
  • Succession Planning
  • Stop letting your time is being gobbled up in dealing with an ongoing parade of people problems and personality issues

3 Company Culture

Ensuring that your company is among the best to work in, and that your personnel remain highly engaged, productive, collaborative, happy, fulfilled, and loyal, including but not at all limited to…

  • Increasing individual engagement, productivity, and loyalty
  • Culture architecture: Selecting the most important culture architecture dimension to focus on next, and commit to an upgrade plan for creating a high collaboration, high performance, high enjoyability culture
  • Difficult people: How to deal with them
  • Cultural impacts of selling your business: how to prepare your people and how to help them after the sale