Dr. David Gruder, PhD, is Blue Sky's Business Lifecycle Psychologist. His doctorate is in clinical and organizational development psychology, and has received a remarkably diverse range of personal and book awards, including visionary leadership, culture creation, conscious business and leadership, social change, politics and society, health and wellness, transformational psychology, and self-help. He was also named America's Integrity Expert by Radio-TV Interview Report. Now in his senior decades, he characterizes himself as a recovering psychologist and professional troublemaker. He serves Middle Market Socially Responsible Companies, Societal Thrival Leaders & Influencers, and Integrative Wellbeing Providers. 

Dr. Gruder's "hard core soft skills" training and mentoring assist owners, executives, managers, and teams, in: 1) Becoming who the business needs them to be for it to succeed; 2) Preparing for succession or sale; 3) Maintaining sanity during succession or M&A; and 4) Navigating the next chapter for the business and for the former owner. In short, he makes integrity profitable.

Over the course of his long career (in addition to having been an entrepreneur himself since 1980), he has sat on multiple company and nonprofit boards (in addition to founding an international nonprofit), and has served as Special Counsel to CEOs, executives and boards. He has trained and mentored thousands of leaders, entrepreneurs, and self-developers, and has provided keynotes, training programs and consulting in 8 countries on 3 continents... from solopreneurs to family owned businesses to fortune 100s to World Trade Organization Ambassadors, and more. He has also written, contributed to, or been featured, in 27 books, and has appeared many times in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Nonprofit Performance magazines, in addition to multiple hundreds of media and podcast interviews.

The hats Dr. G wears, in addition to being the Business Lifecycle Psychologist for Blue Sky Business Resources, include: Founder & President of Integrity Culture Systems™ & its Center for Enlightened Self-Sovereignty, Co-Founder of NimbilityWorks™, Chief Integrity Officer of the Lydian Foundation, Executive Development Psychologist for Executive Strategy Summits, Wayfinder for the SynerVision Leadership Foundation, Legacy Faculty with CEO Space International™, and Ritual Elder with the ManKind Project.

David lives in San Diego, and despite filling all of these roles, he most loves an abundance of playtime with his wife, their loved ones, and their two cats.